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Welcome to join a new self-improvement journey with JC Chapters! We are dedicated to providing strategic educational plans and solutions with exceptional knowledge and customer service experience. Our services focus on simplifying applications towards higher education, assisting our clients on obtaining overseas learning experience, and providing educational training to enhance language skills through online-learning programs.


 We are an organization that generates innovation, promotes equality, and creates positive energy. We team up with experts in industries to focus on discovering and maximizing the ultimate potential and business capabilities of our clients. In such way, we help them see the world in a more dynamic and comprehensive perspective. Through the educational and business journey, we, as a team, grow together with our clients and business partners.

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  • Highly professional and experienced team of consultants
  • Customized service packages
  • Step by step assistance
  • Customer Specialist Team 7 days/ week
  • We work for your success
  • Collaboration with numerous schools
  • Various choices best suit your study needs
  • Aiming for quality education
  • Special Offers from time to time
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