About Us

JC Chapters is an educational consulting firm dedicated to providing clients with strategic advice and solutions with exceptional knowledge and client experience.  We are an organization that generates innovation, promotes equality, and creates positive energy through educational services. We are proud of our diversity that fosters inclusive and harmonious corporate environment. We are constantly aiming to develop something fantastic and improve it. Our team is extremely committed in collaboration and delivery with impressive results and high efficiency.


JC Chapters teams up with experts in industries to focus on discovering our client’s ultimate potential and business capabilities.  We have partnered up with educational institutes including colleges, universities, and agencies, consultancies, and non-profit organizations on an ample variety of projects to bring our clients a fantastic learning and self-improving experience. We help our clients to see the world in a more dynamic and comprehensive perspective. Through the educational and business journey, we, as a team, grow together with our clients. 


At JC Chapters Consulting, we enhance the importance of customer service spirit and delivering beyond excellence. With our continuously improving ecosystem, we carry the value of striving to make positive impacts on our society. We care and nurture our staff as family and highly value their devotedness and benevolence.  Together, we look forward to a better future.