English Speaking

Education empowers us and changes the way how we see this world. It opens doors of great opportunities for us to continuously improve. JC Chapters is dedicated to assisting you with educational training and getting you prepared for a new chapter of your life.

We understand the importance of smooth communications, especially when you start a new study journey in a foreign country.  For that, we have created a series of interesting and well-designed English courses which can fundamentally help you overcome speaking barriers. Our instructors focus on discovering students’ potential and encouraging them to conquer the fear of speaking and to be more confident. Our instructors are a group of experienced linguistic experts and educational book authors who love sharing valuable advice and helping people.

We provide flexibility for online study sessions, short-term, long-term, morning classes, and evening classes. The schedule will be confirmed based on the mutual time availability of both instructors and students.

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JC Chapters and smallheadBIGWISDOM.com (the official educational training partner of JC Chapters) aim to provide our students with a more comprehensive learning experience with variety of course options in several languages. shBW is an educational platform founded by a team of linguistic experts who are passionate on offering learning materials with high quality and promoting optimistic life attitude.

When you click on a specific course, you will be redirected to our training partner’s website where you can view course descriptions and payment details. Upon the payment completion, students will receive an email confirmation.

We look forward to meeting you at our online training sessions.

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