Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does JC Chapters do?

JC Chapters is an educational consulting firm that is dedicated to providing strategic educational plans and solutions with exceptional knowledge and customer service experience to our clients who are planning to pursue or in the process of pursuing higher education in overseas countries. Our business line is mainly focused in Canada at the moment.

2. How can JC Chapters help me?

College and university application process can be confusing sometimes. JC Chapters has a group of educational consultants who are highly experienced in guiding and assisting students step by step in the process. We customize individual plan for each client that best suits their study needs.

3. What services does JC Chapters provide?

We provide a series of consulting services including assistance on application towards higher education and continuing education (colleges, universities, high schools, accredited educational organizations).  We organize seminars and webinars from time to time to connect students with our consultants through live discussion sessions.


Depending on the cities where the clients are located, we also provide after-landing services in person or through online coordination to make their transitional period much easier. Please, check details under ‘Services’ on our website. Our consulting team assists our clients each step of the way, works for their success, and aims for high quality of services.


Language training courses are also available. JC Chapters and our official training partner has developed outstanding quality of language courses to assist our clients in overcoming challenges and communication barriers in language studies. Please, check details under ‘Services’ on our website.

4. Why would I choose JC Chapters?

We are proud of the core values at our organization. We are a company that generates innovation, promotes equality, and creates positive energy. We team up with experts in industries to focus on discovering and maximizing the ultimate potential and business capabilities of our clients. In such a way, we help them see the world in a more dynamic and comprehensive perspective. Through the educational and business journey, we, as a team, grow together with our clients and business partners. We are proud of the teamwork spirit and our harmonious, diversified, and inclusive corporate working environment. We treat our staff as family members and nurture them. We stay curious and keep learning. We believe the best way to develop our company is by growing together with our team.

5. Why should I choose Canada as a place to complete my higher education?

That is an excellent question! Why Canada?


Canada has numerous reputable universities, colleges, high schools, and accredited educational institutes and is well known for providing high quality of education. A degree, diploma, or certificate from a Canadian educational institute is widely recognized in many places all over the world. It can demonstrate the academic achievements and efforts made from the holders and make them more competitive in both career and personal development.


University of Toronto, McGill University, and University of British Columbia are constantly ranked within top 50 universities worldwide in a comprehensive level. Medical and Health Science programs at McMaster University are leading programs in related field. Actuarial Science and Mathematics programs at University of Waterloo have obtained outstanding academic reputation in respected field. York University is well known as a comprehensive research-intensive institution, the Humanity and Social Science programs are attracting thousands of students all over the world each year.


Numerous universities with great reputation in Canada share some features including higher academic standards, cultural diversity, studious and dynamic learning environment, in addition to those – amazing city views. Among those cities where schools are located, quite a number of cities are ranked as topmost desirable places to live in the world.

6. Should I be consulting if I run a company or an organization in the same field?

Yes, absolutely! We welcome collaborations and look forward to business partnerships all the time. Please reach out to our marketing team, and we will be glad to discuss with you about potential business collaboration opportunities.

7. How much do you charge for your services?

It depends on the type of service you choose, as mentioned above, we provide several types of educational related services. Our consulting team provides an evaluation towards your case first upon having a discussion with you on how we can assist you in the best way.   We charge a competitive fee, and our service results always exceed the payment amount.

8. Does your customer service team work on weekends?

Yes. We aim to provide outstanding customer service; therefore, we have our Service Specialist Team checking inquiries and business emails seven days a week. You can send us questions any time, any day during the week, and we will respond you at the earliest convenience.

9. I have other questions that are not covered here.

That’s not a problem at all! Please, Contact Us and our Customer Service Specialist team will respond to your inquiries at the earliest convenience.  We look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!