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Canada has numerous universities, colleges, high schools, and accredited educational institutes and is well known for providing high quality of education. A degree, diploma, or certificates of higher education from a Canadian educational institute is widely recognized in many places all over the world. It can demonstrate the academic achievements and efforts made from the holders and make them more competitive in career development.


Numerous universities with great reputation in Canada share some features including higher academic standards, cultural diversity, studious and dynamic learning environment, in addition to those – amazing city views. Among those cities where schools are located, quite a number of cities are ranked as topmost desirable places to live in the world.


If students complete high school studies in Canada, it provides them more Canadian living experience; therefore, in most cases, it is easier for them to have a more clear picture of which areas or program to choose when entering in a college or university. In the same theory, students who complete their undergraduate studies in Canada tend to choose their post graduate programs with broader and more explicit perspectives. In a word, experience is a plus.

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Why Canada?

Broad Career options

Enriching Experience

Memorable life events

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! We got you covered!

We understand the importance of higher education and on-going self-improvement and we also acknowledge that sometimes the application process can be overwhelming and confusing. Therefore, we enhance the importance of customer service spirit and delivering beyond excellence. We listen, customize a plan, and help you get closer to your dream.


Education changes the way how we see this world and allow us to be more capable of helping one another. JC Chapters’ consulting team helps students from more than twenty countries apply to their dream universities and colleges. With our continuously improving ecosystem, we carry the value of striving to make positive impacts on our society. We care and nurture our staff as family and highly value their devotedness and benevolence.  Our team is extremely committed in collaboration and delivery with impressive results and high efficiency. We partner up with educational institutes on an ample variety of projects to bring our clients a fantastic learning and self-improving experience. Together, we look forward to a better future.  Contact Us today for a free online consultation and get this exciting journey started!

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Need to booster speaking skills?



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JC Chapters and its official educational training partner (shBW) aim to provide our students comprehensive learning experience with variety of language course options. shBW is an educational platform founded by a team of educators and linguistic enthusiasts who focus on offering excellent quality of learning materials and promoting optimistic life attitude.

When clicking a specific course and instructor, you will be introduced to the online training portal at shBW.  JC Chapters and sbBW can help you conquer the challenges in language learning!

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